Harassment from Flickr Helpers


Recently the good folks at “in explore” tried to help a user figure out why they could not get in Explore. There were a myriad of issues to address but the user quickly made the necessary changes. At that point it was considered useful to run a test. The test would involve having a few of the group’s regulars participate on the user’s next upload. The intent was to create the conditions for success to see if the changes would now allow the user to get in Explore. A post was made in the group asking for “test participants”. The test participants were asked to only favethe image of the user to give it a boost in interestingness. The test failed.

In analysing the test failure it was noted a Flickr Helper had actually participated in the test. Investigation revealed this Flickr Helper had followed the user almost immediately after…

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Explore Curation


Is there really any doubt that Flickr is curating Explore? If you think they don’t then please have a look at today’s dataset provided by the Kracht Tool. Survey all the “bonked” images at the bottom of the table, as these are the ones that can be identified as having been in the showcase then subsequently removed.

Here is a sampling of higher ranked images removed from the Explore showcase today. I did not cherry-pick either. I looked for any removed image that had well over 100 faves before removal.

Resting Otter

Dark Seduction...

Last Light

(#2.918) Macro Mondays  “One of These Things (is not like the others)” [Explore]

At Last; Spring!

sunset colors

Macro Mondays - One of these things is not like the others

Point Reyes Shipwreck

Day and Night

King Fisher

Isla de Mallorca

Does anyone think Flickr has technology so precise as to be able to select just these watermarked images for removal? If they did why not apply it to autotags?

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The Watermark Gate


Let’s just assume for a minute that Flickr is telling the truth about Explore… all selections in/out are governed by the algorithm… but what they didn’t answer is “Does watermark use lead to banning from Explore?”.

Sure, there is a necessity to keep the selection process a secret or people would game it. However, of all the things that may cause you not to get in Explore it is only watermarks and photoborders that lead to a ban from Explore. The main issue is the bans are permanent. So once you are sanctioned, even if you stop using watermarks, you can’t get back in. This contrasts with all the other selection criteria. For example, Flickr has long hid the 1600px minimum upload size requirement for Explore selection. If you upload an image whose dimensions are less than 1600px on the longest side it will not be considered for Explore. You don’t…

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The Unbelievers


With all the zeal of a true believer the Flickr Helpers once again rail against all evidence and common sense.


I don’t think these people are stupid. As such their position is quite hard to understand. Any reasonable person that goes through the evidence that has been presented in the group would come to the same conclusion as its members: Flickr staff do remove watermarked images from Explore and they do ban people from Explore for watermark use.

So why the stubborn efforts to dissemble? Are the Flickr Helpers like Colleen and The Searcher under orders from Flickr? Are they afraid of losing their special status?  Is their disdain for Explore so great they would rather see people get screwed over by bad policy than speak the truth? Or do they love Flickr so much that they would rather believe the lie than live with the truth?

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Leaving Flickr


Hi folks, I have decided to leave Flickr. The site isn’t what it used to be and seems to be getting worse by the day. Flickr staff made it clear they find me more of a problem than a help and I find them less than honest. When you are effectively banned from major areas of a site, either through neglect or design, it makes no sense to continue to participate in such an enterprise.

I wish all my contacts, and the “in explore” group regulars, the best of photography 🙂

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