The Watermark Gate


Let’s just assume for a minute that Flickr is telling the truth about Explore… all selections in/out are governed by the algorithm… but what they didn’t answer is “Does watermark use lead to banning from Explore?”.

Sure, there is a necessity to keep the selection process a secret or people would game it. However, of all the things that may cause you not to get in Explore it is only watermarks and photoborders that lead to a ban from Explore. The main issue is the bans are permanent. So once you are sanctioned, even if you stop using watermarks, you can’t get back in. This contrasts with all the other selection criteria. For example, Flickr has long hid the 1600px minimum upload size requirement for Explore selection. If you upload an image whose dimensions are less than 1600px on the longest side it will not be considered for Explore. You don’t…

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