Group use and Explore


Up until Mar 2015 the use of groups was such a negative for explore success that the only recommendation that could be made was not to use them. It was so negative it was rare to find an image in the top 100 in more than 2 groups!

Things began to change in Mar 2015 and by Jun 2015 group use sensitivity had declined, but not so much as to remove all caution, as the following graphs should demonstrate:

The first chart looks at the top 500. It makes it clear even today, as group use tends to go up the position in the Explore list tends to go down. However, we now see some images in the top 100 using several groups.

group use vs rank

In this second chart the focus is on recent data for the top 100 (two different days). While it is clear group use has gone up it is important to…

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