What actually gets banned from Explore?


The photographer or the content?

Flickr has NEVER shown any capacity to ban content from Explore. In the case of watermarks and photoborders they have ALWAYS entered Explore without any problem. People should have noticed every day for the last decade that Explore is full of such content at changeover and on the weekends.

Photographers whose watermarked and photobordered images get in Explore eventually stop getting in Explore. It is the uploaders who get banned. Once banned they never get back in Explore even if their images don’t have a watermark or photoborder.

It is only once content is in Explore that Flickr’s curation policy can have an effect. A Flickr curator goes through the images in the Explore showcase once or twice each weekday… and ONLY on weekdays. The curator literally flicks a switch on the image to have it removed from the Explore list. It is likely during this process the…

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