Old Flickr Functionality


Here are some workarounds to regain or gain additional Flickr functionality:

Note each of the IDs are specific to the user, group or photopage:

This is the format of a photostream URL
This is the format of a photopage URL
This is the format of a group pool URL

Add any of these to the end of a photostream URL:

/player/ (gives the full flash player – no Burn’s effects)
/favorites/ (gives the old faves list with the links to photostreams)
?details=1/ (gives the old thumbnail interface)
/edit-details/ (get right down to editing)

Add any of these to the end of a photopage URL:

/meta/ (gives a page full info on an image including dates and whether the image was replaced)
/sizes/ (all sizes page}
/groups/ (gives a nice list of what groups the image is in)

Did you know that by…

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Note this!


Perhaps the title should be not this! Because Flickr has changed the relevant search algorithm to penalise those that use notes to optimise on some terms. So, you still need to optimise the title, description and tag (and often the autotag must be there too); however, the note may need to be deleted or changed to a different word. Users will have to test this for themselves on target terms as the change does not affect all terms/users.

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