Watermarks ~ Policy Change


Flickr is no longer removing images with watermarks from Explore. However, photoborders and the other usual suspects remain targets for removal.

The question remains whether all users previously banned for watermark use will get a reprieve and be unbanned from Explore.

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Pro vs Non Pro


New statement (see screencap) from staff: Flickr Help Forum Post

profor the winOr really?

Then how this (2016)?

pro vs non-pro accounts

This from a couple of years ago…

pro vs no pro

Flickr expects us to believe that something other than the algorithm is responsible for 2% of the population getting 50% of the Explore slots? The only other thing that seems probable is that Pro users are much more active than the majority of users, which leads to Explore success.

However, is it even plausible that Pro users, which comprise just 2% of Flickr membership, account for 50% of activity on Flickr?

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